Saturday, 6 August 2011

our childhood :)

when I was a kid, I didn't have laptops, iPod, blackberry, wifi or iPads. I played outside with friends, riding bicycles, collecting pokemon & digimon stickers, played ''police-en-tree'' & ''nyorok-nyorok'', perhaps ''main masak-masak'' sometimes. I didn't ask too much. I would think twice before I say ''NO'' to my parents. After all, life wasn't harsh & I managed to survive. that is called a LIFE. unlike the kids these days, they were too much pampered. thank you for the advancement of TECHNOLOGIES! 

well, face it ! that's the fact kan? whatever it is, I appreciated the way I raised back then. Thank you Ibu & Abah. it is not the matter of jealousy or what-so-ever. I just think that we were a lot happier kids. with that, I am grateful. because we had the chance to socialize among friends and people around us. I mean, we didn't just stayed in front of laptops and TVs 24/7 playing online games and watch cartoons while crunching snacks, right ? yeah, I think so. No wonder-lah a lot of kids these days were obese. HEHE :D

okay. here's the most interesting part of all. FACEBOOK. it's unlimited right? I mean, everybody can have an fb account nowadays. even your grandparents might have one ! WOAAAHH. it's so obvious this kind of social network is becoming a-must-have trend among us. well, if you don't have one, be proud because you're not easily get influenced by others to have one. pretty much I guess. haha. even my mom don't have one. maybe someday. hehe. 

what I'm trying to say here is that, *back to the main point* it is too much for 5 year kids to enjoy the meaning of social networks. I'm not blaming them entirely. but don't you think that they were too much in terms of development as a KID. *tone of jealousy* HAHAHA. well yes, a little bit jealous. but, when I was *that young*, I didn't even know how to access the internet. In fact, I felt afraid. IDK why. it feels like you're committing a crime by clicking the internet buttons in computer, *during our time-lah* haha. I have my first social network account when I was in form 2, which is FRIENDSTER. and I started using MYSPACE when I was in form 3. lastly, I started facebook-ing when I was in form 5. sounds lame right? well, that's me. and US; the kids that lived back then and survived. sounds like 'entah pape' pulak :P
*ohh forgot, TWITTER ! since I finished my matriculation year. WHATTTT? hell yeah !

shut up ! is that iPad? OMG --'

okay to make it clear, I don't blame anyone. and I'm not blaming the technologies solely because after all, it's human who invented the science & technologies. the actual purpose is to ease our daily basis right? to make our life is a better living. so, no one should be blame. but ! need to use it in a proper way. for the kids, of course they need guidance from parents. mind your eyes on them ! grrrrr HAHA. 

actually, I wanted to share about some of experiences during my childhood. but since this post is long enough I guess, perhaps next time jelah yee. alright. till now then.
thank you for reading ! :)

p/s : maaf lah ye. post kali ni mostly in english. sbb tetibe rasa nak writing with a lot grammatical errorsssss. berterabur ! haha. asal paham okay lah kot :P


  1. *salam kenal, amy singgah dari belog sinae raudah.follow sini jemput ke belog amy..