Friday, 7 October 2011

I am Kelantanese. No offense.

assalamualaikum & a very good day ! 
lama tak update. no reason. malas. tak rasa nak blogging.
tapi pagi ni terasa nak tulis something kat sini. 
let's start :D

new life at USM health campus ! dental science. macam senang je bunyi. sbb org pikir amik course dental ni is a lot more easier than medic students, konon2 blaja tak byk sgt, then boleh dapat title doctor. HELL NO ! takpun. IN FACT, we're much busier than you ( medic ) here in USM. because WE HAVE to study all the medical subjects as well as dental subjects at the same time. PENAT WEH. tapi, USM je yg macam ni. U lain tak pun. haihhhh. it's like you're taking a DOUBLE DEGREE tahu tak? masa posting nanti pun still ada medical posting. what for? ._.

apa-apa pun, this is my choice and I have to swallow it. slowly. no point of complaining because nothing is going to change. hadap jelah okay izzul ! but still, I am grateful sebab ramai kawan kat sini which I found it different from others. especially roommates ( still quarter room like matriks, its just that the room is smaller than matriks one. NOT FAIR ) 


I still have my awesome friends here :DD


till now then, TOODLES !