Saturday, 21 January 2012


salam and hello everyone. IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I UPDATED THIS BLOG.
and heyy! it's new year! I did't even realize it would be this fast. hehe.
anyway, sorry for not write even a single word on this blog. I had been too busy with life, studies and of course there is no time, no mood and soo lazy to think of ideas to put in. but no worries, here I am for the very very 1st time in 2012, sharing a part of me with you guys :)

lets start. well actually I do not know how to begin this because there are so many things I would like to share with. so I think pictures are enough to describe the whole story. hehe *very pemalas*

first of all, dental students must have gambar gigi :D

only tooth 34 finished.

done! hehe.

staying in Kelantan is very menggemukkan. IDK why. but it is not about the taste of food *most of them tasted awful* but NAFSU MAKAN semakin menjadi jadi. hehe. so there are a lot of makanan I tried here and there!

mengidam satay.

they called it ''CIM CUM''

iced mango rock THE BEST

eat durian tepi PCB. best experience ever!

I tried a lot of western food there, hehe

this time craving for ikan bakar.

maggi pon boleyh

ini mmg saje, kenny!

ani sup utara. saya regular customer. hehe

nasi arab apa ntah tak igt nama.

the biggest chicken chop, yet murah. Selera Cik Siti.

XL size. I did't order this.

the nasi kerabu

kerang bakar & pesembuq from Penang.

ABC also from Penang.

there's more! tp malas nk upload byk2. haha. not-to-forget, I only eat Nasi Kerabu there once. cannot digest. tak tau la kenapa. and the only budu yg I makan with nasi kerabu haha :D
okay lah, I think that's all for now. tak tahan mata mengantuk. maybe ada 2nd part of this entry. 

alright guys. thanks for the time. toodles!

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  1. dental student ker? huhuhu

    wow! banyak gila gambar makanan!
    Macam blog food photography plak hahahaha