Wednesday, 25 May 2011

moved on -.-

september 17 , 2010 at 1:36 a.m

fine. thanks a lot then, kalau kau betul2 nk lupakan aku,just lupakan jela. aku xnk jd beban dlm hidup kau. aku tak nak seksa kehidupan kau dengan adanya aku. aku tau aku ni dah banyak susakan hidup kau n macam2 lg.just leave me if u want. forever. kalau itu yg kau mmg nak dari dulu. aku tak halang. walaupun kte bjanji ntuk bsama-sama even in the other world. im not mad if u dont hold your promises as before. u said u want to love me forever. kalau dah tak nak pun takpela. i will accept it with full of respect. aku bukan sesiapa dlm hidup kau ntuk memaksa yg macam2. u have ur own life now n i'm not even a single part of your life anymore. thanks for everything u ever gave me. n terima kasih untuk segala-galanya. thanks for being such a special person in my life. once lighten up my days with your smile and care. thanks a lot. and i am sorry for everything. sorry sbb aku dah byk sakitkan hati kau.eventhough u didnt show. i know, im hurting u a lot. im really sorry. sorry sbb aku byk susahkan idup kau, byk abiskan masa kau, byk abiskan duit kau, byk buat idup kau merana. it's okay if u hate me, if u felt regret to built a relationship with me. because its all my fault initially. aku tau kau dah tak sayang kat aku lg. n aku tknak kau fikirkan aku lg, kalau itu yg terbaik buat diri kau. just go on wit your life.hope u will always happy with your loved one. obviously not with me anymore.n i just want to let u know that, i wont ever forget u for the rest of my life. i will always remember u deep in my heart. n thanks again for putting me as your 'lots of love' means a lot for long...I LOVE YOU :'(

apa kebenda ni haaaa? pikir ler sendiri, HAHAHA. tak sangka aku still simpan ayat-ayat ni weh. ntah pape bila baca balik. lawak lawak. but DAMN that hurts a lot ! tengoklaa tarikh tuu. its been a while. since then, I am broken-hearted. its too hard for me-lah to really accept the truth. even up until now. tp kadang-kadang jelaaa. now, i really want to move on with everything that deals with my past. sakit sangat rasanya hati ni. aku ni sensetapp sikit, eh tak. BANYAKKKK hahaha ;D

and you know what, i felt regret. sekarang. it is not about the past, it's about me. I am disappointed with myself. because of what? I'm giving someone HOPE. I know I'm hurting you. em ntah laaa. aku pun tktau. i wasn't really sure with myself. I'm confused. I felt like I can't deal with any love commitment right now. cewahh haha. but yeah, I am not totally ready for that, again. macam-macam lah yg aku rasa. and I am really sorry. sorry awak. its not that I am afraid of taking any risk, but it is all about me. perhaps you might called me a coward or something, but who cares. I am really sorry. how selfish I am. huh. yeah, that's right. but I'm doing this for the sake of both of us. I've came out with this decision and yeah, I have to face it. HAMBIK KAU ! padan muka aku HAHAHA. and I just want you to know that, all the things that I've been said to you before, it is true. I am sincere with you. ehmm

hahhhh, dah dah. tak sanggup nak sambung lg. cukup laa tu ye. layan laa video ni jap :(

ishh3 tetiba teringat lagu ni. jiwanggg , lantak laaaa woi HAHAHA. 
 one of my fav in this story.
sapa-sapa tgh bercinta tuu, pegi bg lagu ni kat couple anda. cair punya lah, HAHA. ye ye je kan. kalo tkde prasaan, tkde mananye. haha ;D

k la derr. enough for now. jgn sedeh2, peringatan utk diri sendiri dan org lain juga ^,^

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