Sunday, 29 May 2011

words are too subjective to be judged

I'll begin with a MOUSE
and two are called MICE
but the plural of HOUSE
is HOUSE, and not HICE
you may keep your things in a BOX
and I might keep mine in 3 BOXES
yet the plural of OX
is OXEN, not OXES 
if the plural of GOOSE
is called GEESE
wouldn't the plural of CHOOSE
let's look at MAN
two of them become MEN
but the plural of PAN
is not the same as a PEN
you may show me your FOOT
and wear shoes on your FEET
if I give you a BOOT
will a pair called BEET
one may be THOSE
but the plural of HAT
imagine it being HOSE?
a person who BAKES
is known as BAKER
but a person who COOKS
can never be a COOKER 
words like HONEST and HOUR
both have a silent 'h'
imagine saying HOOD and HOOK
without the sound 'h'
don't you agree that ENGLISH
is indeed have the trickiest word of all?

p/s : yes indeed. mind your word before you speak!

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